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Mens Sea Bean Necklace, Simple Leather and Seed Jewelry From the Beach


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Sea Shell Necklace, Copper and Yellow Shell Jewelry from Bits off the Beach


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Womens Bracelet, Mixed Metal Earthy Copper Wire Wrapped Bracelet with Sodalite and Tigers Eye from Bits off the Beach


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Painted Wooden Button Brooch, Lapel Pin


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Earrings, Puka Shell and Glass Faceted Beaded Earrings


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Cute Turtle Bellybutton Ring Silver Belly Button Jewelry


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Bits off the Beach - Jewelry Inspired by the Sea

Handmade jewelry made from sea glass, sea shells, beach stones & driftwood. You will find belly button rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets and wind chimes in beach-y fun styles.