Jewelry and Gifts inspired by the Sea

Hello and Welcome!
I love to make jewelry that can be enjoyed everyday and reminds me of a great day at the shore. As my shop name suggests I love using bits and pieces of things I collect along the beach and can't resist adding shells, sea glass and other treasures from the sea whenever I can.

I hope you enjoy all that I offer. Feel free to send any questions or requests. I would love to hear from you.


The beginning of a new day.
Aquamarine Sea Glass dangle earrings.
Softened beach glass in a summer mix of turquoise and lime green on Sterling silver chain.
My stash I found along the beaches last winter. It was almost as much fun sorting them as finding it
The amazing beaches of Sanibel Island. Shells, shells and more shells.
Beaded shell ankle bracelet. Perfect for those days at the sea... or when you just wish to be there.

Bits off the Beach - Jewelry Inspired by the Sea

Handmade jewelry made from sea glass, sea shells, beach stones & driftwood. You will find belly button rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets and wind chimes in beach-y fun styles.